What if Affordable Yoga was no longer available to you?                                         
That’s the challenge we’re facing here at Affordable Yoga.

And we need your help.

Without going into too much detail, the structure of the business needs to change within the next six months for us to remain open as a business.

This means many things for Affordable Yoga as a business, but it means more for you as a member of our community.

So today we request your support.

Affordable Yoga needs you to take action to keep the company going. To keep yoga classes affordable. And to keep them available.

Rather than explaining everything in this email, here’s a video that tells you everything you need to know – including how you can take action.

Affordable Yoga started with one simple philosophy:

To make yoga affordable in a city that’s anything but.

So far, our commitment and determination to keep prices unchanged has weathered many additional costs associated with growing a business, like card processing fees, expanding team of teachers, more expensive studio rents, website, and new technology to make your experience better … the list goes on …

Our philosophy is now under threat

By law, we’re obliged to change our legal status because of how much we’ve grown. This means we have higher costs to run the business that could force us to raise the fees you pay per class.

We don’t want to do this!

Increasing class prices goes against the essence of why this company started.

So rather than do that, we want to increase the number of classes, and the number of people who buy them.

Here's where you come in

Come to more classes. Spread the word to bring more people to classes. Tell a friend. Involve your company. Get busy.

That’s what Affordable Yoga needs from you.

To do this, you can:

1. Sign up for (more) classes
2. Bring Affordable Yoga to your office or workplace
3. Refer a friend (+ receive 1 free class for every friend you refer)

Here’s more on each option:

1 Sign Up for More Classes

If you were looking for an excuse or motivation to start or re-start your health and fitness routine, this is it!

Increasing your own participation in classes, workshops and retreats is the easiest and most rewarding option for you and us.

You will not only feel and look better, but will be helping Affordable Yoga to continue operating in Paris - everyone wins!

Click here to buy more credit now

2 Bring Affordable Yoga to Your Office or Workplace

Santé isn’t just something we say when we clink our drinks! It’s the essence of a good lifestyle in Paris.

Not only that, health & wellness is promoted and encouraged by many companies.

Is your company or employer one of them?

If it is, go the extra mile and become a winning employee or manager by introducing Affordable Yoga fitness classes into your organisation.

Here’s how it works:

* You complete the form below and we get in touch
* We arrange to come to your office, or find a location to meet, and hold a class for you and your colleagues. You get the class for free!
* The classes can be in French, English or Franglish – you choose !

Fill out form below to get started.

3 Refer a Friend

This one couldn’t be more of a win-win for you and your friends/family.

Simply refer a friend to us and we’ll give you a free class.

How it works:
* Send your friend a link to the Affordable Yoga class schedule page here and ask them to book a class (or buy the 30 days offer to get the best out of their first experience)!
* Once they’ve booked, email us at support@affordableyogafitness.com with the names of all the people you have referred.
* We’ll email you with a promo code to use to get one, free 60-minute class. 

If You're Not Ready to Buy More Classes or Refer Anyone...

Here are more ways you can help.

Spread the Word

If there’s one thing I know about the Affordable Yoga community, it’s that you’re all very well connected.

Your own communities are full of smart people like you. How about letting them know Affordable Yoga exists?

Please take a moment to share this message on social media by using the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AffordableYogaParis/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AffordableYoga

Get Publicity

If you are a journalist, have press connections, or own a blog, why not share this story?

There are so many businesses in Paris who experience the same growing pains as we are … an article about how we’re addressing ours will rally the business community around your publication (can you say more page clicks and shares?!).

We’ll be happy to give you whatever material you need.

To move ahead with this, please email us at: keepyogaaffordable@affordableyogafitness.com

And on this note, a huge thank you to those who have already written about Affordable Yoga: Paris Poppins, Our Paris Stories, Que Faire a Paris, My Yoga Guide - Germany, Global Yogi, Dot 429, Free in Paris, Yoga Food Love, The Tourist in Paris, The Culture Trip, Georgina Wilson-Powell for Etihad Airways, and many others.

And whoever nominated us for the Expat Magazine's Best of Paris Awards - Thank You! It meant a lot.

And Finally...

I’d like to offer a sincere and heart-felt thank you to each and every one of you for being part of our community.

Your enthusiasm for yoga and fitness has made our journey so incredible and for that I am grateful.

I look forward to continuing to help you achieve your fitness goals and I truly appreciate your ongoing support.
corporate yoga

Are you too busy at work to attend our classes? Well, then how about we come to you instead! 
We can offer group yoga, meditation, and/or fitness classes at your own workplace. And offer flexible options whether the classes will be paid for by your company or by the emloyees themselves. Depending on the option, classes average starting at 6 per person!

To receive more details about our corporate offerings, please fill out the form below.

Vous êtes trop occupé au travail pour assister à nos cours? Nous pouvons venir dans ce cas sur votre lieu de travailNous proposons des cours de yoga, méditation et/ou fitness pour vous et vos collègues. La moyenne des cours est de 6€ par personne!

Pour recevoir plus d'informations, veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous.