Welcome to the world of Affordable Yoga, Health and Fitness!


We are a Paris based team of Yoga and Fitness Professionals. We believe that health and wellbeing should be accessible to all regardless of their level of income rather than being a luxury as it often is in big cities. Started in January 2013, we have grown into a community of 7000+ International and local members. Operating in several locations around Paris. 


We are here for everyone who would like to make yoga, fitness and healthy living practices part of their lives but finds the prices of these services in big cities like Paris a bit erm…pricey.

We all want to look after ourselves in the best possible way. We imagine an ideal world where you can go to the gym 3-4 times a week, learn how to eat well and employ a personal trainer to get you to achieve your goal super fast, then reward yourself every month with a healthy relaxing, or active weekend in the nature… and then also get away from it all on a long summer holiday from which you come back healthier, slimmer and not financially drained so you can afford to get straight back into your healthy yoga and fitness routine in the city…

Unfortunately, this is out of reach for most people financially. My mission is to price it back into most people’s reach. Everyone deserves health and happiness that stems from it. Everyone should be able to make their intentions and aspirations for a healthy lifestyle a reality.


I would like more people to be able to experience the wonderful health, wellbeing and confidence that comes from healthy eating, regular physical activity or yoga practice or all three combined! I want people to be able to afford to look after themselves in a wholistic manner and on a regular basis, and this is reflected in the pricing policy I decided to pursue.

And this is the reason I started Affordable Yoga. Firstly it was just a local community project with only me teaching 3 yoga classes a week and advertising through a local group on Meetup.com

After a tremendous success in its first year of existence, and in response to requests, ideas and encouragement of the Affordable Yoga clients and students, I have added a series of other classes and services amongst which are affordable fitness classes, affordable yoga retreats, and fitness bootcamps, and started inviting other guest teachers to join me. And now just another year later we are a 6000+ strong community of locals and expats, a team of 20 teachers, offering over 30 classes a week.

I hope to see you at one of the classes, workshops, or holidays and experience it for yourself


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