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Originally from the USA , Matthieu started yoga as a hobby.  During a trip to India , a "chance" encounter with a yoga teacher changed his life forever. Unknowingly, it was the beginning of a wonderful journey into the world of yoga.

Matthieu was trained in classical Hatha Yoga (TTC and ATTC ) by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in South India.

Matthieu is also a certified Yoga Nidra teacher. He studied with Micheline Flak - Satyananda Ashram.  In addition, he studied Indian vegetarian cooking with several ayurvedic doctors.

His yoga classes are energetic, fun and accessable to all students.  For Matthieu, yoga is not just about the physical posture, it's a way of life.

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Matthieu instructs the following:
  • Hatha Yoga - 90min

  • Hatha yoga style incorporates a series of isolated / static postures that are held for between 30sec and 3mins with rests in between. This style of class always incorporates deep relaxation and breathing exercises in addition to the practice of yoga asanas / postures. The slower pace also allows for a more concentrated focus of proper body alignment in each pose. This is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the traditional postures that are used in a more fluid Vinyasa class.
    This class is held in English, most of our teachers do speak come French, don't hesitate to ask for help understanding.

    Le yoga Hatha intègre une série de postures tenues pour entre 30sec et 3mn. On utilise des postures de "repos" entre chaque asana. Ce style de cours incorpore toujours une profonde relaxation et des exercices de respiration, en plus de la pratique du yoga asanas / postures. Le rythme plus lent permet également une approche plus concentrée d'alignement du corps dans chaque pose. Ceci est une excellente occasion de se familiariser avec les postures traditionnelles qui sont utilisées dans les cours de Vinyasa qui est plus rapide.
    Ce cours est en français. Si ce n'est pas votre langue maternelle, n'hésitez pas à demander des précisions au professeur. Apportez votre tapis de yoga ou une serviette.


    -Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement
    -This class is generally practiced barefoot

    *Showers and designated changing facilities available only at Studio Bleu in 75009; all other indoor locations have restroom facilities available for changing.


    -Mat or towel (there are no mats available to borrow in the spaces)
    -Water Bottle
    -Optional - Yoga props - blocks, straps, cushions, etc

    *Yoga mats are available to purchase for 24€ each. Non-toxic materials, variety of colors, size: 63cm x 183cm. Follow link to purchase:

    Mats can be delivered to our classes in the locations in 75001 (St. Roch); 75015 (Etienne Pernet) and 75009 (Studio Bleu). Once ordered, email, and let us know during which class and at which location you would like to pick up your mat. Please bring your receipt to the class. In some cases a few days notice may be needed to make sure the mat is at the class, so we appreciate your patience if and when this happens.


    This class is open to every level of practitioner from beginners on up. Our instructors give careful guidance to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the foundation of the posture, and modifications to increase or decrease the intensity of each position will be available. Feel free to ask for modifications.


    As we rent space in several venues across Paris, please verify the class location as listed on our schedule:

    Location addresses and transportation details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page:

    When you enter the building, look for the Affordable Yoga signs to guide you to your specific room.

    Any problems, follow link for teacher's phone numbers:

    *Please note that there is limited mobile phone reception at the studios. If you need to contact the instructor, please do so at least 20 minute before the start of class. Since our teachers will be busy checking in students with their personal smartphones starting 15 minutes before class, please send a text as opposed to calling as they will most likely not be able to take a call. No communication will be possible after the start time of class.


    Please notify your instructor if you have undergone any recent surgeries or are currently experiencing any physical injuries. While yoga has many very beneficial health effects, we want to know how to best work with each of our student’s individual restrictions. Please consult a doctor if you have any personal concerns about practicing yoga.