Meditation Techniques and Practice - 60 minutes

This class is taught by:

Eliza Sweeney

French speaking
Eliza moved to Paris in 2009 to further her training as an actress specializing in clown, mime, acrobatics and physical theatre.

Eliza grew up in Melbourne, Australia surfing, sailing, running, swimming, and all-round being outdoors. As a youth she competed as a gymnast in Victoria and afterwards moved towards soccer, hockey and netball. Realizing to her dismay that ball sports were not her forte, she was drawn to long distance running, athletics and rowing.

It was the boot camp style fitness training that she received that she loved the most. She loves to motivate people to achieve their goals, improve their well being and overall fitness and health. She is passionate about fitness and health, currently also training as a drama therapist, a vegetarian herself, and is keen to share this passion with others through her boot camp classes!

Students can expect a group training program that focuses on a full body work out including cardio and strength training. The group atmosphere will accomodate those who need that extra motivation to work out, complimented with the great social aspect.

An actress to the core, you can be sure that Eliza’s classes will be well animated!

Yun Ng

Yun loves all kinds of movement. She dedicates most of her time to practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, then the rest to pilates, barre method and many other types of expressive, intelligent movement. Yun also enjoys cooking up new salad recipes, blending smoothies and taking very long walks in nature.

She loves the practice of yoga simply because you can start wherever you are. It does not matter what injuries one has, how much one can bring hands to touch the toes or how many handstands one can do in a minute. As long as you want to, you can, but with adequate lessons and attention. With 6 years of yoga teaching and 11 years of mat practice, she is extremely humbled to guide yogis in Paris through the knowledge she has received from her teachers over the years.

Her influence includes teachings from the Anusara method, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Jivamukti and AcroYoga.

Yun does not currently teach any regular classes with us. 

The very purpose of our physical yoga practice is to prepare the mind for purposeful concentration. We move and stretch the body so that when we sit for meditation, we are able to be still and calm. The door to this state is our intention. The key to that door is our breath.

In this class we will be exploring the different available meditation techniques ranging from Mantra Repetition, Mudra Hand Positions, Chakra Energy Stimulation, Guided Visualization, and Yoga Nidra / Rest. Each of these ancient practices are intimately connected to the conscious regulation of our inhales and exhales known as Pranayama.

During the session, you will be invited to discover the power of focused group practice to be continued in your private meditation practice.
This class is held in English, most of our teachers do speak some French, don't hesitate to ask for help understanding.

Le but do yoga (physique) est de préparer le corps à rester tranquille pendant la méditation. Dans ce cours nous entrons à l'intérieur de nous mêmes en utilisant plusieurs techniques comme les Mantras, Mudras, Yoga Nidra, Visualisations Guidées et stimulation des chakras. Une grande partie du cours est consacré à la respiration. Comme on ne bouge pas beaucoup dans ce cours, prenez des chaussettes, un coussin si vous voulez et un tapis de yoga. Cours ouvert à tous.

-  Mat, cushion, or something soft to sit on. There are no mats available to borrow in the spaces, but as we will be seated for 90 minutes, you will want to bring something to make it comfy.  Chairs will be available
-  Water Bottle
-  Notepad and pencil/pen (recommended)

*Yoga mats are available to purchase for 24€ each. Non-toxic materials, variety of colors, size: 63cm x 183cm. Follow link to our online store to purchase:

Mats can be delivered to our classes in the locations in 75001 (St. Roch), 75015 (Etienne Pernet) and 75009 (Studio Bleu). Once ordered, email, and let us know during which class and at which location you would like to pick up your mat. Please bring your receipt to the class. In some cases a few days notice may be needed to make sure the mat is at the class, so we appreciate your patience if and when this happens.


- Throughout the class we will make some mild stretches to keep the blood flowing, but full yoga gear is not necessary. This class can be practiced in your day clothes, and it is always advisable to be comfortable in what you are wearing to avoid any mind distractions.


We are all at unique places within our own specific journeys. This class will meet you right where you are. Everyone is welcome to join.


Please verify class location or address on our schedule as we have several venues in Paris:

Location details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page:

When you enter the building, look to follow the Affordable Yoga signs to your specific room.

Any problems, follow link for teacher's phone numbers:

*Please note that there is limited mobile phone reception at the studios. If you need to contact the instructor, please do so at least 20 minute before the start of class. Since our teachers will be busy checking in students with their personal smartphones starting 15 minutes before class, please send a text as opposed to calling as they will most likely not be able to take a call. No communication will be possible after the start time of class.


Please notify your instructor if you have undergone any recent surgeries or are currently experiencing any physical injuries. While yoga has many very beneficial health effects, we want to know how to best work with each of our student’s individual restrictions. Please consult a doctor if you have any personal concerns about practicing yoga or fitness.

Upcoming classes:

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  • Sun 09 Jul 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Eliza Sweeney
  • Sun 16 Jul 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Eliza Sweeney
  • Sun 23 Jul 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Yun Ng